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Custom Liveries

Racing simulators are used worldwide for various marketing purposes - from sales promotions, grand openings and product launches to kick-offs, sales campaigns, events, and trade shows. An F1 simulator creates " hype" and will start a word of mouth marketing campaign. According to many, word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective advertising available.

By including 1 or more of the VRS-01 simulators at your next event, you will be creating a unique attraction, filled with excitement, energy, and anticipation. Above all, you will have the opportunity to give your customers and/or employees an unforgettable experience.

Are you planning a sales campaign that will last one week or more? Become a V-Racing Partner and take advantage of our low partner rental prices, from 1,600 SEK per day!

Make a long lasting impression at your next event with a professional F1 simulator!

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V-Racing Events can provide custom liveries to the VRS-01 Simulator. The liveries can be tailored to meet your requirement and to maximize the marketing effect, brand exposure and publicity.

Simulator with custom livery

An F1 simulator with a custom livery will lift the company image and will associate your products with all of the same qualities that F1 is generally renowned for - technology, development, sports, quality, excitement, speed, trend setting, opportunities, dreams, and glamor.

Include messages on the custom livery to motivate your employees, express company values, or market a new product.

At the very minimum, you can make use of the existing VRS-01 paint scheme and advertising space. This paint scheme is beautiful as is and will be recognized by many because it is a near replica of the paint scheme of a renowned F1 team. You, the customer, choose the graphics to be applied and together we design the layout. Include company logos, decals, messages and other graphical details to reach the optimal effect.

Alternatively, you design the entire look of the simulator, from the color scheme to the graphical details. The color scheme can be changed by applying a plastic wrap on the simulators painted surface. This wrap can be vary from very simple, single color wraps to complex prints and everything in between. Nothing is impossible when it comes to customizing the look of the simulator!

Simulator with Custom Livery

Finally, the graphics inside of the simulation can also be customized. V-Racing can custom paint the simulated F1 car to match the customization that is done on the simulator. In doing this, the public monitors which display the driving sessions will also be expose your brand!