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V-Racing Adjustable Pedal Base



The V-Racing adjustable pedal base is an aluminum plate mounted on a mechanical runner device (adjustment is done by hand). Total length of adjustment is 19 cm. The pedal base is perfect for DIY simulator projects and specifically designed for the VRS-P1 Racing Simulator.

The pedal base can be mounted into any simulator that has a flat open surface with correct size. The pedal base is pre-drilled to for the V1-GP pedals and for the our Logitech G27 pedal mounting plate, but mounting any other sim racing pedals is done by simply drilling holes and bolting down the pedals to the aluminum.

The aluminum is reinforced on the bottom side in order to eliminate flex in the metal from forces resulting in hard braking.

Ajustable Pedal base with V1-GP Pedals:

V-Racing Adjustable Pedal Base with V1-GP Pedals



Mounted in the VRS-P1 Racing Simulator:

Weight: approximately 8 kg
Dimensions: 48 x 37 x 3.5 (L x W x H)
Length including adjustment handle: 62cm
Height with runner: 35mm
Mounting Hole Dimensions 270mm (in length) x 330mm (in width)

  V-Racing Adjustable Pedal Base with V1-GP Pedals mounted in the VRS-P1 Racing Simulator/F1 Cockpit


Pedal base:


Pedal base plate
(adjustable forward/back)

Price: 315 EUR incl. VAT
(252 EUR excl. VAT)
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