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VRS-01 Pro F1 Motion Simulator



VRS-01 Racing Simulator Logo

The VRS-01 is one of the most advanced F1 simulator on the market... and the most beautiful. It is designed and built specifically for Race Center applications and professional race driver training, but works like a charm to attract huge crowds at public events, trade shows and marketing campaigns.

The VRS-01 has the heart and soul of the sim racing enthusiast and the appeal of an F1 car. The VRS-01 provides the ultimate realism and the pulling power to attract customers and sponsors alike.

The VRS-01 is built with quality, high-tech materials and will withstand the rigorous conditions that are inherent with Race Center applications and trade shows. From the reinforced fiberglass monocoque and base frame to the durable paint finish, everything about the construction of the VRS-01 is rugged. At the same time, the VRS-01 is sleek and elegant - just as a real Grand Prix race car should be.

The VRS-01 has adjustable seats, monitors and pedals, and the best racing controls on the market. The VRS-01 indulges the senses and delivers a drive like no other thanks to the and the outstanding D-Box 3-axis motion system.... it doesn't get any closer to reality than this! Everything in the VRS-01 is tuned to make driving more exciting and to bring out the motorsport in virutal racing. Together with iRacing and it's Williams FW31 grand prix car, this f1 cockpit will blow you away.

The VRS-01 isn't just a simulator, it's a representation of the future of motorsport. Together with the V-Racing Race Center concept, the VRS-01 defines the next generation of motorsport. Join us on our quest to make virtual racing the motorsport of the 21st century!

Contact us today and experience the VRS-01.

VRS-01 Pricing and Options

VRS-01 Pro F1 Simulator
VRS-01 Pro F1 Simulator
VRS-01 Pro F1 Simulator
VRS-01 Pro F1 Simulator
VRS-01 Pro F1 Simulator
VRS-01 Pro F1 Simulator
VRS-01 Pro F1 Simulator
VRS-01 Pro F1 Simulator

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